Saturday, April 17, 2010

A beautiful autumn day in Melbourne

After what started off as a crisp Saturday morning, the day revealed itself to be (with a wink through the autumn gold leaves) bursting with sun, warmth and a lightness of heart.

This perfect Saturday started off with husband and youngest son, 11yo A, at the local Laurent Boulangerie in Balwyn. Relaxing with a bowl of milk coffee, a pain au chocolat and a quick read of the weekend edition of the Financial Review, I could not help but commit some self-conscious mirror glancing at my not-so-perfect, uncoiffed hair. I am a devout weekly in-the-salon blow-dry lady. However, after a gruelling week of work and preparing my home for an up-coming auction, I was unable to keep the three (3) hair appointments I made this week. The vision I saw of myself in that boulangerie mirror was that of a blow-fly rather than a styled beauty. The irony... whilst I feel unkempt, I was flattered by a youngish man in his Porsche, another at the boulangerie and a few other "looks" throughout the day. Was my estimation of ugliness seen by others as relaxed, maybe?

I believe I was once an attractive female, but now, a year and a bit after my 45th birthday, I feel time, tension and attitude are mapping and documenting themselves around my forehead and eyes. I am trying to embrace ageing with dignity, grace and bravado.( I am too scared to botox as I have been disturbed by visions of friends and acquaintances who have had the botox jab, the skin stretched after a kniving and a litre too many of fillers in cheeks and lips). Not that I condemn such things. I will soon, after my house auction, go in search of a doctor who can botox without making me look like I've stepped off the set of AB FAB.

I am new to blogging but after discovering so many enchanting women who take the time, I feel that I have found many windows with delightful vistas. I have dared to start my own.. a window that I can open, to air my soul, sing out aloud and let in fresh air. I will find my way around..... but until then, I apologise for the rawness and crudeness of these, my first entries.

...... I am listening to beautiful old Spanish love songs on the internet, broadcast by a Parisian radio station TSF JAZZ

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cool nights to stay warm in bed...... chamomile tea, fluffed pillows, vitamin C to ward of impending colds beckoned by exhaustion, a weary mind, pounding head...... the result of a working life. To manifest the movie in the mind, to roll out the dream, to have the dream in the first place. This is my job. Welcome to my blog.